About Me

Name: Sam Hartley

I am the technical director working for an independent security testing consultancy. You can find out more about that from my linkedin profile.

Most of the content here is old and I keep it around as a reminder of how things change, how I change, and how I really should update the site more often.

I am always learning something new, recently I have been digging in to memory forensics, malware, and reverse engineering.

Before getting paid to break security I used to manage security, provide technical security consultancy and earlier still I was a systems administrator.

My main hobby is still Information Security, which is pretty handy really as I get to do it all the time. Other than that I like to draw (I’m not that good at it though) and I like to properly unplug from time to time and get out in the lake district on the fells.

You can email me at sam at this domain or find me on twitter @airloom_ (I read much more than I tweet).

Feel free to get in touch, I will probably respond.