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Lately I have been receiving more and more phishing attempts via email. I usually just report them then delete them without giving them a second though but today I decided to take a good look at one for tell tale signs you could use to warn users.

I had one which claimed to be from my bank although it was not a bank I use and one explaining to me that I had won over £900,000 on the lottery.

The one from the bank was the usual update your security details online and as I hovered over the URL it was obvious that it was not taking me to the banks website.

The lottery one however was pretty good. It was written in British English and had UK phone numbers and addresses that I could contact to validate the authenticity of the email (I did not phone any of the numbers). The biggest tell tale sign was that they wanted me to send my details to the trusted courier service that would be brining me my newfound wealth, the courier was using a free windows live email account!

It is no doubt that these groups are getting smarter and crafting more plausible emails to ensnare victims. I think the best advice to give people rather than to check email addresses, look for bad spelling and grammar and check the URL destinations would be this; if it seems too good to be true, then it most likely is not true.

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