Recommended Preparation - OSCP

When I was doing research prior to starting the PWB v3 course I spent some time trying to find out what I should know before the course starts. This is just me, I try to prepare for everything I do in advance, read articles and reviews, buy books and learn as much as I can. I was very pleased to find the course is really well taught and I have not had a problem with any of it so far, although it has certainly been a challenge.

Firstly the course does not assume too much, and you can learn everything you need to know as you go along. If you are like me though you will be itching to get started and learn something.

Course syllabus, have a look at the course syllabus and make sure you are at least familiar with the concepts of the material you are going to be learning about. Google is your friend here, I would reccomend learning a little about the tools you will be using. The syllabus and objectives can be found here.

Linux, unless you are familiar with Linux and the command line I would recommend doing some preparation, this is not mandatory as you will learn during the course but it save you time in the long run, will help get you up to speed.

Get familiar with BackTrack Linux, sounds like a no-brainer but there is a whole lot of tools included with this operating system, many of them you will be using during the course so knowing your way around the OS will help.

Programming, this is the part that had me worried. I have very little programming experience and thought that I would be really held back by this but during hte course I have written small programs in Python, Perl and edited exploits in Ruby and C, understanding how a program works will help, but knowing how to program is not essential. If you are planning to learn programming in python check out “Think Python - How to Think Like Computer Scientist” by Allen B. Downey.

If it will be a while before you start the Pentesting with Backtrack course you may want to check out the free Metasploit Unleashed course from Offensive Security, if you can, please also consider donating some money to hackers for charity, more information on the front page of the course.

That’s all for today, hope you found this helpful. If you have some good resources to add please comment below.

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